Marco Gomes

“Marco Gomes is a tech visionary”, Sarah Lacy on TechCrunch

Awarded as the Best Marketing Technologies Professional of the World

by the World Technology Network in 2013

Marco Gomes

geek, startup entrepreneur, data analyst, web developer

Business Developer at Palantir Technologies; awarded as The Best Marketing Technologies Professional of 2013 by the World Technology Network; founder of boo-box (sold), ad network listed as one of the world’s most innovative companies (FastCompany, Forbes, Financial Times); co-founder of Heartbit, health app amongst Brazil’s most innovative companies (Consumidor Moderno magazine).

Speaker on creative economy and free speech on the internet at the United Nations HQ in NYC. The main case study in “Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky”, Sarah Lacy’s book about high-impact entrepreneurs.

Married, cyclist, nerd and geek, I’m a fan of zombies, sci-fi, robots and Brazilian hip-hop culture.

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