Marco Gomes

“A tech visionary”, Sarah Lacy on TechCrunch; Forbes Under 30

World Technology Award: Marketing Technologies

the World Technology Network, 2013. Forbes 30 Under 30 (2014)

Marco Gomes

data strategist, geek, startup entrepreneur, activist

Working with technology for 20+ years, I have spent the last 5+ years in teams building data-platforms for human-driven analysis and decision making for corporations like Airbus (France, aviation), FirstData (US, finance) and Grupo Globo (Brazil, media).

In 2007 I founded boo-box, an ad network with its own behavioral targeting platform, considered to be one of the world’s most innovative companies (FastCompany, Forbes, Financial Times) with venture capital investments from Monashees (Brazil) and Intel Capital (USA). The company was sold in 2015.

I was also a speaker on the topics of creative economy and free speech at the United Nations HQ in NYC. The main case study in “Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky”, Sarah Lacy’s book about high-impact entrepreneurs.

A Latin American geek coming from a diverse background, fan of science fiction and the Brazilian hip-hop culture.