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Which of the following patients would be appropriate for air medical transport from your scene?
A. 55 year male with an isolated lower leg fracture secondary to stepping in a hole at a construction site
B. 55 year male with multiple bee stings with no complaints of shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing or hives
C. 55 year male status post fall from standing complaining of ankle swelling and contusion to left elbow.
D. 55 year male high speed motor cycle accident vs. a cement highway barrier
Answer: D
The high speed motor cycle mechanism is perhaps the highest degree of concern in this question. The other mechanisms do not have the potential of multiple organ systems being involved. The bee stings while they are painful if there is no signs of anaphylaxis then there is little risk of being ground transported or even left home to follow their physicians directions.

Identify the missing word in the following sentence. The guiding obligations and good practices which determine whether the project is genuinely being managed using PRINCE2 form the [ ? ] of the method.
A. Processes
B. Techniques
C. Themes
D. Principles
Answer: D

A. ip access-list extended edge_security構成の下で、permit ipを追加します任意のコマンド。
B. インターフェイスSerial0 / 0/0構成の下でip access-group edge_security inコマンドを削除し、ip access-group edge_security outコマンドを入力します。
C. インターフェイスSerial0 / 0/1の下で、ip access-group edge_security outコマンドを入力します。
D. ip access-list extended edge_security configurationの下で、deny ipを削除します任意のコマンド。
Answer: A
On R1, we need to permit IP under the access list.
Ticket 7 : Port Security
The main screen consists of two parts; the Main scenario and the Topology tabs. The main scenario describes TSHOOT.com test bed. The Topology tabs allow you to display the appropriate and select the trouble ticket.
To complete the item, you will first need to familiarize yourself with the TSHOOT.com test bed by clicking on the master scenario first and then the topologies tabs. Once you are familiar with the test bed and the topologies, you should start evaluating the trouble ticket. You will be presented with a Trouble Ticket scenario that will describe the fault condition. You will need to determine on which device the fault condition is located, to which technology the fault condition is related, and the solution to each trouble ticket. This will be done by answering three questions.
Ticket Selection
To begin, click on the Ticket on the Topology tabs.
Please note. Some of the questions will require you to use the scroll bar to see all options.
Fault Isolation
Read the ticket scenario to understand the fault condition.
Open the appropriate topology, based upon the ticket scenario.
Open the console of the desired device by clicking on that device in the topology, based upon your troubleshooting methodology.
Use the supported show, ping and trace commands to begin your fault isolation process.
Move to other devices as need by clicking on those devices within the topology.
Fault Identification
The trouble ticket will include three questions that you will need to answer:
1. Which device contains the fault
2. Which technology the fault condition is related to
3. What is the solution to the issue
To advance to the next question within the ticket click on "Next Question".
When you click "DONE", the trouble ticket will turn RED and will no longer be accessible.
You may also use the "Previous Question" button to review questions within that specific ticket.
To complete a trouble ticket, answer all three questions and click "DONE". This will store your response to the questions. Do not click on "DONE" unless you have answered all questions within the ticket.
Item Completion
Click the NEXT button on the bottom of the screen once a ticket is RED. This action moves you to the next item.
Topology Overview (Actual Troubleshooting lab design is for below network design) Client Should have IP EIGRP 100 is running between switch DSW1 & DSW2 OSPF (Process ID 1) is running between R1, R2, R3, R4 Network of OSPF is redistributed in EIGRP BGP 65001 is configured on R1 with Webserver cloud AS 65002 HSRP is running between DSW1 & DSW2 Switches The company has created the test bed shown in the layer 2 and layer 3 topology exhibits.
This network consists of four routers, two layer 3 switches and two layer 2 switches.
In the IPv4 layer 3 topology, R1, R2, R3, and R4 are running OSPF with an OSPF process number 1.
DSW1, DSW2 and R4 are running EIGRP with an AS of 10. Redistribution is enabled where necessary.
R1 is running a BGP AS with a number of 65001. This AS has an eBGP connection to AS 65002 in the ISP's network. Because the company's address space is in the private range.
R1 is also providing NAT translations between the inside ( & networks and outside ( network.
ASW1 and ASW2 are layer 2 switches.
NTP is enabled on all devices with serving as the master clock source.
The client workstations receive their IP address and default gateway via R4's DHCP server.
The default gateway address of is the IP address of HSRP group 10 which is running on DSW1 and DSW2.
In the IPv6 layer 3 topology R1, R2, and R3 are running OSPFv3 with an OSPF process number
DSW1, DSW2 and R4 are running RIPng process name RIP_ZONE.
The two IPv6 routing domains, OSPF 6 and RIPng are connected via GRE tunnel running over the underlying IPv4 OSPF domain. Redistrution is enabled where necessary.
Recently the implementation group has been using the test bed to do a 'proof-of-concept' on several implementations. This involved changing the configuration on one or more of the devices.
You will be presented with a series of trouble tickets related to issues introduced during these configurations.
Note: Although trouble tickets have many similar fault indications, each ticket has its own issue and solution.
Each ticket has 3 sub questions that need to be answered & topology remains same.
Question-1 Fault is found on which device,
Question-2 Fault condition is related to,
Question-3 What exact problem is seen & what needs to be done for solution

Client is unable to ping IP
Steps need to follow as below:-
1. When we check on client 1 & Client 2 desktop we are not receiving DHCP address from R4 ipconfig ----- Client will be getting 169.X.X.X
2. On ASW1 port Fa1/0/ 1 & Fa1/0/2 access port VLAN 10 was assigned but when we checked interface it was showing down Sh run ------- check for running config of int fa1/0/1 & fa1/0/2 (switchport access Vlan 10 will be there with switch port security command). Now check as below Sh int fa1/0/1 & sh int fa1/0/2

3. As seen on interface the port is in err-disable mode so need to clear port.
4. Change required: On ASW1, we need to remove port-security under interface fa1/0/1 & fa1/0/2.